RAM Scrap

RAM Scrap
RAM Scrap
Product Description

Recycling random access memory or RAM Scrap helps to recover plastic and metals like silver, gold (present in the form of gold fingers), palladium and copper. The presence of gold in any outdated RAM depends on the frequency of its usage and manufacturing technique. The RD type version of random access memory has higher gold content that its DDR based variants. Sulfuric acid, nitric acid and SMB solution are used to restore gold from the IC chips of RAM. As a reliable recycler and supplier of RAM Scrap, we have created a separate identity in the market.


  • The offered scrap is recycled to retrieve valuable metals like gold present in RAM.
  • Utilization of Eco friendly reprocessing technique
  • Application of advanced technique
  • Recycling of this scrap is used to reduce environmental pollution
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