PC Boards Scrap

PC Boards Scrap
PC Boards Scrap
Product Description

Recycling PC Boards Scrap is useful for recovery of valuable metals like gold, palladium, silver and copper present in these boards. The reprocessing of these boards are also executed to sort out edge connectors that can be refined by using chemicals and circuits that can be reused in future. The metallic parts of these boards are isolated and are fed into the centrifuge system after cutting these into pieces. Later these parts are dried via oven for at least one day. We are a prestigious recycler and exporter of PC Boards Scrap.


  • Advanced hydrometallurgical methods like alkali or acid leaching are used to procure indium, tin and lead present in this scrap
  • The leaching process is executed under high temperature.
  • Application of x ray fluorescence based analytical method
  • Cost effectiveness of offered scrap
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