ICP Chips Scrap

ICP Chips Scrap
ICP Chips Scrap
Product Description

In circuit programming or ICP Chips Scrap includes parts like optocpupler, power inductor and ceramic fuse to name a few. The scrap of waste ICP chips is recycled to produce newly formed materials that have wide applications in different industries. The collected scrap is sorted, crushed and soldered by using advanced machinery and state of the art technology in order to separate metals like tin, copper, lead and others present in the chips. Latest electroplating method is adopted to recycle these chips. We are a prestigious recycler and supplier of ICP Chips Scrap.


  • Recycling of this scrap is executed to reduce pollution.
  • Sorting, crushing and soldering are some of the steps that are followed for the recycling of these chips.
  • Available in different quantity options
  • Contains toxic metals like lead and copper
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