Electronic Scrap

  1. ICP Chips Scrap

    ICP Chips Scrap is the in circuit programming chips that are no longer in use. These chips are reprocessed to produce new materials to meet different industrial needs. These chips are classified as per their content type. Later these go through crushing and soldering procedures. The presence of metals like lead, copper and tin can be noticed in this scrap.
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  2. Mobile Phone Scrap

    Mobile Phone Scrap is the rejected cell phone components like housing material, LCD screen, aerials, plastic parts and battery connectors to name a few. All these parts are melted via advanced technology to recover valuable metals like gold, palladium and silver. The recycling of this phone scrap helps to reduce environmental pollution to a great extent.
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  3. PC Boards Scrap

    PC Boards Scrap is the good source of precious metals like palladium, gold, copper and silver that can be recovered via recycling process. Latest technology like x ray fluorescence analytical technique, metal sorting, chemical refining and drying technique are used to reprocess these PCB boards. Utilization of acid or alkali leaching method is one of the essential parts of its recycling process.
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  4. RAM Scrap

    RAM Scrap contains costly metals like gold, silver and copper. The recycling of this scrap helps to retrieve its valuable metallic content in an Eco friendly way. Solutions of SMB, nitric acid and sulfuric acid are used as part of this recycling process. The provided scrap can be obtained in different specifications.
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