Copper Scrap

  1. Copper Millberry Scrap

    Standard grade Copper Millberry Scrap is acknowledged for its impurities free content. It contains plate, tube and wire made of copper. The recycled form of this scrap has extensive applications in industries involved in machine production, electric light manufacturing and defense. The presence of iron, carbon, sulphur, zinc and phosphorous can be noticed in this scrap.
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  2. Copper Car Cable Scrap

    Copper Car Cable Scrap recycling process involves application of cutting edge machinery like stripping machine, utilization of cryogenic refrigerant and water at high pressure. All these methodologies are used for maintaining cutting precision of scrap car cable. The provided scrap can be accessed in different specifications to suit various recycling needs.
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  3. Copper Radiator Scrap

    Copper Radiator Scrap contains elements like sulfur, carbon, zinc, coblet and phosphorous to name a few. Known for its high purity level, this scrap is reprocessed by using cutting edge technology to reduce environmental pollution. Available in different quantity options, this scrap is easy to reprocess and requires minimal energy during recycling.
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  4. Starter Motor & Alternator Scrap

    Starter Motor & Alternator Scrap that contains would copper wire are used for recycling purpose to reduce environmental pollution. Cutting edge technique is followed for their reprocessing purpose. As part of their recycling method, these are sorted, crushed and milled or soldered to produce new products. The offered scrap is cost effective.
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  5. Copper Candy Scrap

    Copper Candy Scrap has extensive applications in construction, electrical and machine manufacturing industries. This type of scrap contains metals like zinc, lead, iron, antimony, bimetal and nickel to name a few. It consists of metal parts like bus bar, clipping, wires having required thickness level and punching made of copper.
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  6. Copper Cliff Scrap

    Known for its high copper content, the offered Copper Cliff Scrap is free from impurities like soldered scrap content of copper, burnt copper wire, iron, oil, tin and lead. Its copper content is calculated on the basis of electrolytic assay. Eco friendly reprocessing method, energy efficient recycling process, reasonable price and availability in different specifications are the key attributes of this cliff scrap.
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  7. Copper Scrap Cobra

    Copper Scrap Cobra contains unalloyed version of copper in shredded or chopped form. Recycled by using cutting edge technique, this scrap has extensive applications in various industries. High rust resistance capacity, accessibility in different configurations, cost effectiveness, impurities free content and energy efficient reprocessing technique are the key attributes of this scrap.
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