Car Body Scrap

Car Body Scrap
Car Body Scrap
Product Description

Car Body Scrap contains metals like steel and iron that are recycled to produce newly formed metals. As part of its reprocessing method, the outer part of junk car is crushed and then it is shredded until it transforms into a chunk of metal that resembles to the shape of a small ball. The reprocessed steel is used to manufacture food grade container or is used in construction as well as in ship building industries. Moreover, reprocessing of this scrap helps to save energy. As an organization of repute, we have emerged as a successful recycler and supplier of Car Body Scrap.


  • The recycling of automobile scrap has positive effect on environment.
  • During shredding process, separation of steel and iron is done by using magnets.
  • Application of cutting edge technology
  • Presence of iron and steel can be noticed in offered scrap.

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