Aluminium Scrap

  1. Aluminium Wheels Troma

    Aluminum Wheels Troma or scrap is preferred over its steel based version for its light weight nature and high ductile strength. Advanced reprocessing method is adopted for its recycling. Reprocessing of this troma require minimal energy. Free from plastic and other impurities, the offered aluminum troma requires less recycling time.
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  2. Aluminium Gearbox Transmission Scrap

    Aluminum Gearbox Transmission Scrap has huge demand in scrap metal recycling industry for its impurities free content and light weight nature. The offered scrap is sorted, crushed and grinded to produce newly formed metal. Advanced technical knowledge is applied to recycle this aluminum scrap. It can be accessed at competitive price range.
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  3. Aluminium Irony Tense Scrap

    Aluminum Irony Tense Scrap contains metals like manganese, zinc, iron and copper. The offered scrap is required for producing aluminum alloy based products. This scrap requires less time for its melting and its reprocessing can be controlled sans any trouble. Pure content and light weight are the key attributes of this tense scrap.
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  4. Aluminium Radiator Tally

    Aluminum Radiator Tally is used as an indispensable component of cooling equipment used in automobile sector. Made of copper and aluminum, this type of radiator does not contain iron. Procured from reliable sources, this radiator tally is appreciated for its rigid structure, cost effectiveness, long working life and precise design.
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  5. Aluminium UBC Scrap

    Aluminum UBC Scrap contains metals and chemical compounds like iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese and carbon. Notable for its silver color, this scrap is used to produce melting ingots. Ease of reprocessing, light weight nature, corrosion resistance properties, high strength and reasonable price are the key attributes of this USB scrap.
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  6. Mixed Aluminum Casting Scrap

    Recyclable quality Mixed Aluminum Casting Scrap is a type of automobile scrap. It contains plastics and both non ferrous and ferrous metals. The provided scrap is sorted on the basis of its material type, crushed and melted or soldered to produce newly formed metal. The produced reprocessed metal has various industrial applications.
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