Aluminium Car Engine Scrap

Aluminium Car Engine Scrap

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With firm commitment to quality, our firm always provides a wide spectrum of quality checked Aluminium Car Engine Scrap. Our Scrap Engines are classified as Aluminium Scrap. ISRI term 'TRUMP', is classification for this product.  The average aluminium content of these engines is average 23% to 30% aluminium and the rest is high tensile steel. An average engine will be approximately 300kgs in weight. The recovery is based on previous feedback from buyers, however we are certain that with more efficient processes this can be even higher.

Majority of these will be complete with gearbox transmission,starter motor and alternator. There is high copper recovery from starter motors and alternators. Each starter motor weighs an average of 15 kgs and the alternator weighs about 13 kgs average. The provided Aluminium Car Engines Scrap are available in different specifications to meet the varied needs of our esteemed patrons.


  • Recovery of Aluminium, Copper and HMS.
  • Easy to dismantle.
  • Free of oil and other fluids.


FOR CAR ENGINES Good quality used scrap engines free of fluids and other contaminants 15% - 45% aluminium with small % of copper. Shall consist of all clean automobile aluminum castings of sufficient size to be readily identified and to be free from iron, dirt, brass, bushings, and non-metallic items. Oil and grease not to total more than 2%.

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